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White Chocolate & Benne Seeds

Fortuna Chocolate

White Chocolate & Benne Seeds

White Chocolate & Benne Seeds



White chocolate & benne seed is a product of a collaboration* with arcana in boulder, Colorado. Benne seed is a type of white sesame brought by enslaved Africans to the southern United States. Planted between field peas, corn, and other human food crops in late spring, and harvested in late summer, benne improved soil quality and protected nearby plants from harmful pests.

Fortuna's white chocolate is chocolate. Cacao beans have two basic components, the rich dark colored cacao solids and the opaque ivory colored cacao fat or butter. Fortuna's white chocolate is made with pure cacao butter which has been pressed from single origin cacao beans. 


    Organic heirloom cacao, organic cane sugar & mucuna powder. 

    Made in Boulder, CO