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The Roots - Phrenology

The Roots - Phrenology



After three years reeling from a new visibility, The Roots resurfaced on the other side of the new millennium by making the deliberate choice to move forward. Phrenology, a flip of the discredited racialized pseudoscience, surges to life through a retracing of the lineage of Black music. The album revels in reinvention, leaving traces of Soulquarian magic while blatantly swerving the neo-soul box that brought them success. 

On its face, it’s frantic, indulgent, and the signature raucous Roots energy; beneath, it’s an extended meditation on what happens to hip-hop post-commodification, supported by a ceaseless barrage of beats and rhymes. The social tensions loop in the background, Black Thought aims in every direction, and The Roots crew lean into their pop/crossover potential without compromising their massive vision. While something’s always in the way of things, The Roots never stray from keeping one in the chamber, pivoting towards a darker future with the blueprints of our own.


2020 VMP Exclusive Reissue

Marbled Brown 2LP Pressing
Foil Stamped
180g 33 1/3 RPM
Label: Universal (2002)

Pressed in Europe by GZ Vinyl

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