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The Isley Brothers - Go For Your Guns

The Isley Brothers - Go For Your Guns



More than maybe any other band or artist, you can chart the changes in Black music — how it was played and what it was called — via the Isleys. They’re the only group in the history of music to have a demonstrable influence on both the Beatles and Ice Cube. Go For Your Guns is often considered among fans as their best album — they were often written off as a “singles band,” which does this album and roughly seven or eight more in their catalog a disservice, but it was also a transitional one for the group. 

Go For Your Guns is the literal halfway point in the Isley’s 30-original-album catalog, and was the culmination of years of genre-hopping and switching the style up while watching the money pile up. But it also laid the groundwork for the Isleys to continue on for another 30-plus years, a commercially and critically successful album that spawned samples, dance parties, and many today-was-a-good-days.


2020 VMP Exclusive Pressing

Black 1LP Pressing
Exclusive Listening Notes Booklet
Foil Stamped
180g 33 1/3 RPM
Label: Sony (1977)

Pressed in Europe by GZ Vinyl

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