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White and blue thank you reusable tote bag with yellow smiley face Thank You / Smile Tote Thank You / Smile Tote


Thank You / Smile Tote

Thank You / Smile Tote



Open-Edition's goal is to provide you with meaningful objects that tell a story about their collaborating artists.

These bags are designed by Lauren DiCioccio to combat the use of single-use plastics and made out of sturdy taffeta to haul your groceries and more. Developed in collaboration with The Workshop Residence in response to San Francisco's citywide check-out bag ban. The bags are sturdy and washable totes, intended for daily use.

In 2007, San Francisco legislation made history by being the first to issue a plastic bag ban. This series celebrates the nationwide effort to continue the “ban on the bag”. This bag measures measures 11.5" x 22" x 4".


Machine embroidery on sturdy taffeta 

Designed and made in San Francisco, CA.