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TF Charm Train TF charm Train, at eyes open project TF charm Train, at eyes open project

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TF Charm Train

TF Charm Train



TRAVELER'S FACTORY original charm features a motif of a train that can take you wherever you would like to travel. When you attach this charm to your notebook, you can imagine traveling on a night train under a starry sky and the excitement of not knowing what lies ahead. Traveling on a train will give you time to write in your notebook or think about your next journey. This charm is made of tin, same as the metal fastener on your TRAVELER’S notebook’s rubber band. It is handcrafted at a small factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand and carries a unique rustic texture. Each charm carries a slightly different hue, so no two charms are exactly the same.


Pewter charm; fits on standard or passport sized Traveler's Notebook products.

Made in Thailand.