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Rooted Oil Roller

Rooted Oil Roller



A moisture rich uni-sexy scent for skin and hair. A modern take on the smell of ritual burning palo santo and other oils of nature. Deep yet subtle undertones of smoke, wood, earth and hints of bergamot and cardamom give this scent layers of grounding.  With a base of argan oil, it dually acts as a nourishing hair scenting oil.  
Beards welcome. 

How to Apply

Add as desired to areas such as: ends or roots of hair, under arms, wrists, temples, etc. 

Great as a nourishing hair treatment, or as your favorite body scent. Rooted oil has some serious calming quality - keep at desk, in bag, on a plane ride and use whenever you need to ground.


Fractioned Coconut oil - nourishing, hydrating
Argan Oil - high in vitamin A and E, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory
Palo Santo - natural purifier, concentration, grounding, mood lifter
Vetiver - calming, cooling, grounding, centering
Cedarwood - toxin remover, soothing, optimism enhancing
Frankincense - antiseptic, healing, anti-aging, protection
Black Pepper - sensuality, mind stimulating + clearing
Labdanum Absolute - mind calming, anti-aging, grounding
Cardamom - aphrodisiac, uplifting, antiseptic, camphorous
Fir - antiseptic, soothing
Birch Tar - astringent, comforting, relaxing
Bergamot- antiseptic, antidepressant, disinfectant

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA.

Natural ingredients are powerful and unique, just like you !  Please be sure to always know what ingredients you may be allergic to before using our products.  Always do a small patch skin test to see if you may have any reactions to our ingredients.  
Never use products in the eye area, internally, or on open wounds or irritated skin and discontinue use if irritation arises.