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Pistachio & Pepita White Chocolate

Fortuna Chocolate

Pistachio & Pepita White Chocolate

Pistachio & Pepita White Chocolate



This hand-poured chocolate is made with heirloom cacao butter. Arriba Nacional, a varietal of criollo bean from northern Ecuador, is known globally for a unique flavor profile and high levels of cacao butter, a naturally occurring fat. Roasted and salted, pistachio nuts are mixed with pepita pumpkin seeds and then ground into this luscious and savory white chocolate. 

  • Each 50g slab is hand wrapped with labels designed in house and through collaboration with artists living in Mexico City and Paris.
  • All of Fortuna's cacao is grown organically, non-GMO and sourced personally by their small team. They never use emulsifiers or soy in their chocolate.


 Organic heirloom cacao, organic cacao butter, organic milk, organic cane sugar, pepita, and pistachio. 

Made in Boulder, CO