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Figurare Candle

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Figurare Candle

Figurare Candle



FIGURARE (fi·gu·rà·re — An Italian verb meaning "to represent, to depict, to portray") is OUR interpretation of the illustrious green fig note. A modern take on traditional opulence with sumptuous fig leaves that graze subtle spices of black pepper, cardamom and coriander. You'll get gentle wisps of rose, lavender and resinous fir balsam in its ether too. But in essence, this is a holiday-forward, earthy/herbal/spicy emerald delight, that is disinterested in the sweet. Sublime, but grounded, FIGURARE is a fragrant gesture and nod to turning the traditional holiday season, into one that is meaningful to you.

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fig leaves/ coriander/ seed black pepper/ baies/ rose/ lavender/ nutmeg

Coconut / Beeswax

Hand-poured in Los Angeles, CA.