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Dark Chocolate (80%) & Adaptogens

Fortuna Chocolate

Dark Chocolate (80%) & Adaptogens

Dark Chocolate (80%) & Adaptogens



Are you stressed? do you need support from the plant world? Fortuna's collaboration with honey elixir bar* produced a super dark 80% with the adaptogens and it may be the perfect dark chocolate tool for dealing with your stress. Mucuna is a powerful herb (called a velvet bean!) that helps protect your body from the damaging effects of stress and is known to stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain.

They have carefully sourced the organic, single origin cacao used to craft this chocolate directly from a cooperative of farmers in what is now chontalpa, mexico. delicious, premium cacao grown in this region has been a tradition for more than 3,000 years and very rarely reaches to u.s market.


    Organic heirloom cacao, organic cane sugar & mucuna powder. 

    Made in Boulder, CO