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Boy Smells Damasque 8.5 oz candle Damasque 8.5oz Candle Damasque 8.5oz Candle

Boy Smells

Damasque 8.5oz Candle

Damasque 8.5oz Candle



Deep stone fruits, with baroque old-world opulence, exotic traces of burnt spices, and dark woods.  The rich intertwining of these scent notes is just as luxurious as the woven Damask fabric for which it is named.  Damascan rose mingles with apricot, resins of labdanum and cistus, and moody oud to create a scarlet red impression upon smelling.

Comes in an embossed matte burgundy red carton with pink labels.

  • Notes

Rose/ Apricot / Labdanum / Cardamom / Oud / Cistus / Guiac / Tobacco

Coconut / Beeswax

Hand-Poured in Los Angeles, CA.