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Daneson Gourmet Toothpicks eyes open project toothpick gift daneson Daneson luxury toothpicks including flavors like mint bourbon and single malt Daneson Gourmet Toothpicks Daneson Gourmet Toothpicks


Daneson Gourmet Toothpicks

Daneson Gourmet Toothpicks



Made from American northern white birch and other natural ingredients from family-owned suppliers. Glass and cork vile contain 12 toothpicks. 

Daneson is committed to conservation. That is why they have teamed up with Plant-It 2020 for their 1:100 commitment. For every one tree cut down to make Daneson toothpicks, they plant one hundred in its place. 

Bourbon No. 22

Steeped in six-year-old cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon. Expect notes of oak, leather, caramel, and almond and hints of fruit once this toothpick is warmed up. 

Single Malt No. 16

Fourteen-year-old Islay scotch whisky imbued with notes of oak tannins, peat, almond, and vanilla.

Mint No. 09

Worked over for two-years our Mint No.9 includes a menagerie of mint varieties and pleasing ingredients like wintergreen, peppermint, sweet fennel, juniper, and several other natural oils.

A creation that was well worth the effort - this recipe is one of our most popular, robust and long lasting blends.


Toothpicks are made from bone white American northern white birch and are flavored using natural ingredients. 

Made in the USA