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Blucifer Postcard Blucifer Postcard

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Blucifer Postcard

Blucifer Postcard




Introducing original postcards designed by Studio Rachel F. Each unique postcard features a hand-drawn Denver landmark. Blucifer, the blue Mustang just outside of Denver International Airport was created based on a legend floating around Colorado’s vast and rugged San Luis Valley. People here used to talk of a power stallion that was a leader amongst mustangs, always capable of finding water and grass for the herd. This mustang also happened to have a blue coat, with red eyes, and at times, was said to be capable of flight – fitting for an airport! Send a note to those you miss while giving them a little piece of historical art. 


The paper used in creation of this postcard is Neena Paper, a luxuriously smooth and perfectly thick paper sturdy enough to make it through the journey of snail mail! 


Designed & Printed in Denver, CO