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Fortuna Chocolate

White Chocolate & Turmeric Coconut Lime

White Chocolate & Turmeric Coconut Lime



Golden colored single origin turmeric, zests of fresh organic limes, rich shreds of coconut make up this delicious chocolate. Fortuna created this chocolate as they were inspired by the conversations happening about the spice trade and how decolonizing can happen throughout the line of production. They see parallels with cacao and the global commodities market that controls much of its distribution. Fortuna believes that the best tasting food grows at the intersection of thriving land and thriving people, and this is some seriously delicious turmeric - single origin from pragati, India and found through diaspora co. lime zest and rich coconut shreds radiate within the creamy texture of their heirloom white chocolate.


    Organic cacao butter, organic whole milk, organic cane sugar, organic lime zest, organic coconut & pragati turmeric. 

    Made in Boulder, CO