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Blucifer x Eyes Open Project

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In the plains of eastern Denver metro area a giant blue mustang guards the gates of DIA. It’s haunting red eyes glare at you, it’s hooves are up and ready to intimidate. It’s Eeriness, is intensified by the fact that during its production the head fell off and severed an artery in leg of its artist Luis Jimenez who died shortly after. Made of mostly fiberglass, the beast stands at 32 feet tall and weighs over 9,000 pounds.

Due to the demon like, illuminated eyes and the fact that it murdered its artist locals call such a statue “Blucifer”. Not necessarily the most friendly face upon arrival to the airport. The piece has been both controversial and connected to some pretty wild conspiracy theories. Said to represent one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. This plays into the urban myth of secret Underground Railroads that connect the airport to the Rockies. It is said that there are emergency bunkers hidden under miles of rock to keep the global elite safe in case of a nuclear holocaust. As ridiculous as this sounds the airport did go two billion dollars over budget and construction was delayed sixteen months past the estimated date.

There were also testimonies from construction workers that the delay was due to a secret five story underground structure. Some people also believe the structure is home to the illuminati due to a free Freemason logo on the airport dedication stone. Also a reference to “The new world organization Commission” can be found on the bottom of the stone.

Whether you believe the conspiracy theory’s of not “Blucifer” is an important landmark. It’s dark history and the mysterious controversy behind the airports construction will continue to be part of Denver culture. As long as the blue mustang stands proud, we will continue to imagine the endless possibilities of government corruption.

Here at Eyes Open Project, we honor historical Denver and its landmarks by including Blucifer as one of our logos. We have translated this Denver icon into both an embroidered patch and a pin, so you can lavish your lapel and express your Coloradan pride. 









Written by Eyes Open Project associate Timothy Cannon. 

Images of Blucifer the statue by CPR News Colorado. 


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